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Quality over quantity

FDX LN is a network of independent high calibre freight forwarders, which are only accepted selectively and purposefully. We believe that size is not everything and that the quality (not the quantity) of members creates a strong network.

Growing together

FDX is seeking to build a strong global presence, by keeping in mind that our future growth must be in the best interest of all members.

We believe that the constant communication with all associates, and the solid selection process are the key factors for strong and rapid growth of the Network.

Consequently, we seek to trustworthy agents with an aggressive commercial team, strong knowledge in their local market and reliable financial background, always respecting a limit of companies per country.

The best service

FDX Logistics Network members are professionals and have demonstrated their commitment to providing the best service to match customer requirements.

The companies of the FDX Logistics Network are capable of providing comprehensive and competitive logistics solutions around the world.

Being part of our group will make you understand why our concept is a success in the global market