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Networking is the basis behind our company and the services that we represent.

FDX Logistics Network is a premium and exclusive global logistics network of local companies. We shape an independent partnership of freight forwarders, NVOCCs and related service providers.

As a worldwide group, we are active on 5 continents, by air and by sea.


  1. FREIGHT DELIVERY XPERTS LOGISTICS NETWORK (hence called FDX or FDX LN) is a limited network of independent freight forwarders and international logistics companies. Network membership is not capped by FDX.
  2. Members agree to protect the interests and reputation of FREIGHT DELIVERY XPERTS LOGISTICS NETWORK by upholding the highest standards of integrity, quality and customer service. Accepted members agree to abide by the FDX Rules and Regulations.
  3. FDX members agree to attend the worldwide meetings, at least one in every two years. members may skip one annual meeting with the permission of the FDX LN Head Office if the reason is duly justified. Members must be up to date with their accounts with FDX LN to attend the Network Meetings.
  4. FDX membership invoices for new members must be paid before presentation and the log-in details activation. Renewals will be invoiced one month in advance will be paid before the renewal date. Membership will automatically renew unless notice of termination/withdrawal is given to the FDX Head Office at least 1 month prior to the renewal date.
  5. As a point of professional courtesy, FDX members will not actively target and recruit the staff of other members of the network, as well as the accounts that they know work with other FDX members. Respect and professionalism should be the hallmark of the network and the relations with other members.
  6. FDX members agree on their first year of membership to transfer at least 50% or more of their new business activities to other FDX LN members and from the second year of membership at least 70% or more of their new business.


  1. FDX LN members will settle all debts within thirty days of invoicing one another, unless otherwise specified in writing by mutual agreement.
  2. The dates on invoices must match the departure date for exports and the customs clearance date for imports.
  3. Unless otherwise agreed, FDX members will keep FOB, clearance, delivery / inland transportation, etc., charges for themselves. For international ocean or air carriage, a 50/50 profit share will be assumed unless otherwise specified by mutual agreement.
  4. Payments will be transferred in the currency requested in the invoice. Other currencies may be used only when they have agreed to do so in advance.
  5. Payments to the Head Office of the Network (annual membership, annual meeting or FPP) will be paid in Euros (EUR €) and the expenses assumed by the payer.
  6. A statement of accounts listing all invoices and credit notes for shipments among members within a calendar month will also be issued before the 10th day of the following month.
  7. Any invoice that passes the 60-day overdue limit should be reported to the FDX Head Office.
  8. In the event that a member of FDX requires credit to do an operation, it must be clearly indicated in the quotes to all other FDX members. Otherwise, this will not be assumed as a requirement.
  9. All transactions between members are to be paid as agreed between members. Payment between members for due invoices, debits, or other agreed debts which are incurred by the trade, unless previously agreed between the concerned members, will not ever require or depend upon the actions or payments of any third parties. (shippers, customers, etc). If a debt with another member was incurred then it shall be duly paid by responsible party ordering the transaction as agreed. Awaiting payment from someone else is not an excuse for non-payment to another member unless these were the terms prior to the trade.


  1. English language is the common language of communication between FDX members, will be used in all business communications between members.
  2. Rate request from other FDX members should be replied in the following 24 hours. If the rate needs more information or time to be get, must be notified immediately.
  3. To avoid confusion, the subject in all email communications between members must begin with the initials “FDX LN” or “FDX + City”.
  4. Routing orders to FDX members should clearly state that the routing order is from an FDX member.